Common Myths About Your Air Conditioner

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    Common Myths About Your Air Conditioner

    Fact or Myth: Air Conditioning

    By: Hannah Brennan



    Myth: Your home will cool more quickly if you turn your thermostat all the way down.

    Fact: Setting your thermostat at the lowest setting won’t change the pace at which your AC will run. The closer you set your thermostat to the temperature outside, the more money you save.



    Myth: The bigger your AC unit, the better!

    Fact: If your AC unit is too big for your space, its compressor will be forced to turn on and off quickly. This shortens your air conditioner’s life and uses a lot of electricity.



    Myth: Turn off your AC when you leave home to save energy.

    Fact: If you turn off your AC when you leave home for work or school on a Texas summer day, when you get home and turn it back on your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool your home again. Instead, turn your AC up several degrees rather than completely off.



    Myth: Summer colds come from air conditioning.

    Fact: Summer colds come from a virus, not indoor air temperature.



    Myth: Air filters just need to be replaced annually.

    Fact: Air filters can become dirty quickly, depending on your lifestyle and household. Dust and debris cause poor airflow and make your AC unit work harder. Compare your system and manufacturer’s recommendation to determine the best time to change your air filter.



    Myth: Let your old AC unit break completely before replacing it.

    Fact: A new air conditioner is definitely a major cost upfront, but its efficiency compared to an older, problem-ridden system will save you more money.



    Myth: Thermostat location should be based on convenience.

    Fact: Your thermostat should be placed on an internal wall and away from vents. This allows the thermostat to have an accurate and average temperature reading of your home.



    Myth: Fans make a room cooler.

    Fact: While fans move air around in the room, they don’t affect the temperature of the room. Fans are designed to cool down people, not rooms.



    Myth: Just close the vents in rooms you aren’t using.

    Fact: If you close vents in rooms you aren’t using, it throws off the air distribution in your entire home. This will cause pressure to build up in your ducts and make your air conditioner work harder.



    Myth: If you keep your ceiling fan on, your AC won’t have to run as much.

    Fact: Fans don’t cool the air, they just circulate the air already in the room.



    Myth: You don’t actually need AC checkups.

    Fact: If you want your air conditioner to continue running efficiently and smoothly, you need biannual checkups.


    During a biannual AC checkup, a professional can spot issues and fix them before bigger damage can occur. Have one of our trusted, professional technicians complete your AC checkup. Call (979) 446-0296 today to schedule your appointment.


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    March 16, 2023

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