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Do I Need A Mini-Split?

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    Do I Need A Mini-Split?

    Ductless AC Units


    By Hannah Brennan


    What is a mini-split?

    A mini-split is a compact AC unit made to heat and cool only a very small area of your home. The unit doesn’t need ductwork to run, so it won’t require reconfiguring old ductwork. 


    Mini-splits receive their name from one wall-mounted unit inside the space needing heating and cooling, and another on an exterior wall. The only thing connecting the two is a 3 inch flexible tube that delivers both power and air to the indoor unit.


    How do mini-splits work?

    Simply enough, mini-splits connect the indoor and outdoor wall units through a small, flexible tube. One outdoor unit can connect to up to four indoor units through this tube. To set the temperature on a single indoor unit, you just use a remote controller. 


    Mini-split HVAC system showing the outdoor and indoor units, with a remote.


    When sized and cared for correctly, mini-split units can run efficiently for 10 to 15 years. Similar to larger HVAC systems, mini-splits require air filters that you should replace regularly. Properly care for your mini-split system by routine maintenance from professionals.


    Why use a mini-split?

    Some rooms in your home might not maintain temperature well with just one central AC unit. Centralized HVAC systems typically have just one thermostat and, therefore, only produce one temperature for an entire home. If you want more temperature control in a certain room, a mini-split is the perfect solution. And, because of its ductless design, mini-split systems use on average 60% less energy to operate than centralized units.


    Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider a ductless mini-split:

      • Garages (typically aren’t included in centralized HVAC system)
      • Later additions to an existing home (Ductwork is expensive, especially if you need to change the existing configuration to accommodate. Use a mini-split instead for patios or bonus rooms constructed later than the rest of the house.)
      • Individual heating/cooling zone
      • Detached buildings (shed, workshops, pool house, etc.)


    Do I need a mini-split in every room?

    Definitely not. Some rooms, such as larger closets or bathrooms, don’t require direct temperature control. 

    For homes that already have a centralized HVAC system, mini-splits are useful for households that have different preferences. These house members would benefit from personalized temperature in bedrooms or high traffic areas for maximum comfort. 

    Mini-splits are a great alternative to centralized HVAC systems, or homes without ductwork.


    Are mini-splits worth it?

    Depending on your needs, mini-splits could be an excellent solution. According to The Department of Energy, ductwork air loss accounts for 30% of total energy consumption in a home. Because mini-splits are ductless, this energy is saved!



    Learn more about mini-splits from one of our certified, Central Texas technicians. Call us or schedule an appointment at Malek Service Company with one of our HVAC experts.


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    September 1, 2022

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