Improve AC Efficiency With A Hard Start Kit

What Is A Hard Start Kit For Air Conditioners?

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    What Is A Hard Start Kit For Air Conditioners?

    A Certified Central Texas Technician Explains


    By: Hannah Brennan


    What Does A Hard Start Kit Do?

    A hard start kit is an energy-storing capacitor to assist your air conditioner while it turns on, increasing its lifetime by preventing hard starting.  Hard starting occurs when an AC has trouble turning on and shuts off shortly afterwards. 

    This occurs because electrical appliances like your AC require more energy to start up, anywhere from 4 to 8 times more than simply running it. The surge of power damages the compressor and additional components in your AC, more-so if the system is already old or worn. After a level of depreciation, your AC will require more energy to purely shift from “start” to “running”. 

    A hard start kit reduces the startup time and electricity needed to start your AC, increasing the efficiency of your system to 98%. Comparatively, without a hard start kit your system is running at only 50% efficiency. The hard start kit can not only save you money on your electricity bill, but it can extend the lifetime of your system. 


    How Do I Know If My AC Is Having Trouble Starting?

    If your AC system is hard starting, it is imperative you contact a professional to properly diagnose and repair your system before it’s too late! But, how can you tell if your AC is struggling to start? Just look for these warning signs:

    1.  AC only stays on for short periods of time

    • Cooling cycles typically last for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the temperature outside and HVAC system in your home. If your AC only kicks on for a few minutes at a time, it could be an indication there is energy strain on the system from hard starting. 

    2. AC is making a clicking or humming noise

    • A clicking noise coming from your AC can indicate a problem with components of the system, sometimes due to not having ample energy to reach the run speed necessary. 
    • A humming noise typically means the system isn’t receiving enough power to turn the motor. This is a serious issue and if left unresolved can result in damage to the compressor and other components in your system.  

    3. AC trips your circuit breaker

    • If your AC trips your circuit breaker, it implies the compressor is drawing higher amounts of power for longer because the motor cannot supply the energy needed to start the system.

    4. Lights flicker when the AC turns on

    • It is somewhat typical to have lights flicker as appliances turn on, but a drastic flicker means your AC is drawing too much power to start-up. 


    Do I Need A Hard Start Kit?

    You should seriously consider having a hard start kit installed if one of these situations apply to you:

    1. Your AC is hard starting

    • If your AC is already hard starting, you should call a professional to inspect the system and diagnose the problem. One of their solutions will likely be to install a hard start kit.

    2. You have a new AC

    • Previously, most single-phase air conditioners came with built-in hard start devices. However, many of the newest AC models do not have a hard start kit included. To know if your system includes a hard start kit already, contact a trusted professional at Malek Service Company


    How Do I Install A Hard Start Kit?

    We recommend having a Texas certified technician install your hard start kit for a few reasons:

    1. Finding the right size

    • Hard start kits come in different sizes for specific energy needs in varying HVAC systems. Using a smaller hard start kit than necessary for your system can do more damage to your system than good.

    2. Detecting the real issue

    • While hard start kits are overall a great choice for your system, they aren’t cure-all devices. Your system could be struggling for other reasons and need a professional’s attention.

    3. Preparing long-term solutions

    • Our certified Texas technicians can evaluate your HVAC system and let you know if a hard start kit is the right solution for you and your home. Or, if a serious repair or new system is needed. 


    Tampering with your AC system without professional training is risky. To ensure your system is running properly and amplify its efficiency, call us at Malek Service Company. We will send one of our licensed technicians located in the Brazos Valley to inspect your system and install a hard start kit to make your AC start more swiftly and smoothly. As the largest provider of Carrier HVAC systems in the Brazos Valley and 30 years of experience serving Central Texas, we have the expertise necessary to take care of you and your home.


    Contact us or schedule an appointment for your hard start kit today!

    June 7, 2022

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