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How to Prep My AC For the Summer

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    How to Prep My AC For the Summer

    Can you prevent your air conditioner from going out?

    By Hannah Brennan


    The Texas summer is no joke. To keep your home cool all summer, you are relying heavily on your air conditioner. Before it gets too hot, follow these steps to have a comfortable home the whole summer.

    Replace Your Air Filters

    You should be replacing your air filters regularly anyway, but it is especially crucial to do so for the summer. Odds are you will be running your AC all day and night. A dirty filter could put extreme strain on your system and could circulate bacteria and pollutants. Learn more about the dangers of pollutants in your home’s airstreams.


    Check Your Ductwork

    Have you ever looked at your ductwork? It’s a good idea to check on all your ductwork to ensure there aren’t holes or cracks. You also might need a ductwork cleaning. Just like your air filters, having debris in your ductwork could be detrimental to your home’s air quality and air conditioner’s efficiency.

    Here are some reasons you may need a duct cleaning:

    • Bad or smelly odor coming from your air vents
    • You can see pet hair or other debris coming from air vents
    • Your home has been recently renovated
    • There has been mold in the home
    • You suspect an animal may have nested inside


    Clean out the AC’s Condenser and Coils

    Buildups on the AC condenser can restrict airflow, which will negatively affect the efficiency of your system and might require repairs down the road.

    Be sure to clear away all debris like leaves, grass, or plants from the condenser or just around the outside of the AC. To clean the coils from pollen or mold spores, use a soft cloth or low pressure canned air.


    Check the Coolant Lines

    Your AC’s coolant lines, or refrigerant lines, are the tubes running from the condenser to inside your home. Coolant lines should be completely covered with insulation such as foam sleeves or insulation tape to reduce energy loss.


    Call a Professional

    Malek Service Company offers a maintenance plan to take care of your spring and fall HVAC preventative maintenances. Sometimes, you just want to leave it to a professional to feel comfortable regarding your home system. We get it! Call (979) 776-2222 and schedule your preventative maintenance today!

    May 25, 2023

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