Is It Time To Replace My Plumbing Pipes?

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    Is It Time To Replace My Plumbing Pipes?

    5 Signs to Repipe Your Home

    By Hannah Brennan


    Plumbing pipes don’t last forever. Therefore, if you’ve been in your home for a long time or just moved into an older home, you might need to change your pipes.


    Types of Pipes in Your Home

    There are multiple materials pipes can be made from including copper, galvanized steel, lead, and plastic.


    Supply Pipes

    These plumbing pipes are continuously worn down because of the constant water pressure. As they age, water leaks are more likely to occur in your home. 


    Estimated life spans for the most common home supply pipes:

    Brass pipes: 80-100 years

    Copper pipes: 80-100 years

    Galvanized steel pipes: 80-100 years


    Drain Lines

    Drain lines are made from durable materials, such as plastic PVC or cast iron, that can last for many years. However, problems can arise like damage from tree roots or poor weather conditions.


    Estimated life spans for the most common home drain lines:

    Cast iron pipes: 80-100 years

    Plastic PVC pipes: 25-40 years


    5 Signs to Change Your Pipes

    1. Water Temperature Issues

    If you need to turn the faucet handle a lot to feel any change in temperature or turning the faucet only a bit changes the temperature immensely, it might be time to change your pipes. This is in indicator of your pipes wearing out.


    2. Low Water Pressure

    Leaks or corrosion in your pipes could be the cause of low water pressure. If the water pressure continues to lower, there is definitely an issue with your plumbing pipes.


    3. Water Tastes/Smells Strange

    A sign your pipes started to deteriorate and has affected your water supply is a strange taste or smell from your tap water.


    4. Discolored Water

    As pipes corrode, rust begins to enter your water supply. Water will turn a brownish, reddish, or yellowish tint.


    5. Leaks Occur Frequently

    Leaks in your pipes can come from continued corrosion. These leaks won’t be solved and changing your pipes is necessary.


    Obviously, there is a range of longevity for your home’s plumbing system. The type of material used and installation process heavily influence the lifetime of your pipes. If you see one of the five signs, your pipes are in need of service. Allow one of our licensed plumbers in Central Texas to take a look at your home’s plumbing pipes to ensure its well-being.


    Either give us a call or schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians today!

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    October 13, 2022

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