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The Best Drain Cleaner

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    The Best Drain Cleaner

    Don’t risk the chemicals


    By Hannah Brennan


    Are you wondering where to find the best drain cleaner? With plenty of “Do-It-Yourself” drain cleaners on the market, it seems like a no-brainer to try them out before calling the professionals. However, this is a big mistake! Over time, drain cleaners damage your home plumbing system and pipes.


    Chemical Drain Cleaners


    Firstly, chemical drain cleaners will likely just postpone the issue, without lasting results. There are a plethora of reasons these chemical drain cleaners cause more issues than aid.

    1. Dangerous Chemicals

    If you have children or pets, these chemicals pose risk and immediate danger to them. Exposure to toxic chemicals can easily happen, whether inhaled or ingested.

    2. Safety Reminders

    While using these products, you might think it is as easy as pouring the bottle down the drain. However, there is usually an extensive list of directions and precautions on the cleaner’s label. Below we have included real examples of warnings and directions on an actual bottle of drain cleaner.


    Example of warnings:



    Example of directions:

    Always wear rubber gloves when handling. Never mix with other drain cleaners. Use in a well-ventilated area. Never use this with a plunger.

    3. Chemical Reactions

    Typically these cleaners instruct you to never mix it with other drain cleaners. Because cleaners use different chemicals, there is a possibility the chemicals can ferment in your pipes. This can result in toxic fumes emitting into your home with the consequences unknown.

    4. Pipe Damage

    Chemical drain cleaners use heat to remove clogs, but doing so forces PVC pipes to become soft and more likely to be damaged other ways. Metal pipes are worse-off with drain cleaners, causing the same amount of damage or worse to your plumbing system.

    5. Different Problem

    Your clog could be due to a damaged pipe, so using a chemical cleaner would not solve the problem. Instead, it could create a new one by allowing those chemicals to leak from the pipe and seep in your ground or home.

    6. Environmental Effects

    By using these cleaners, you are sending bleach, ammonia, or other chemicals into the water supply. These chemicals sent down your drain are filtered to your septic tank and released to the ground water.


    Drain Snakes

    Drain snakes might actually work in some instances, for clogs very shallow in the drain. However, using a drain snake might push it deeper into the pipes. Or, you could stick the drain snake right through the clog, thinking you’ve solved the problem.


    Call a Professional

    Your drain system is more extensive and sensitive than you may realize. Of course, prevention is the most effective way to avoid issues with your pipes. However, clogs might happen anyway. When they do, the best drain cleaner is a professional plumber from Malek Service to handle the problem instead of creating a bigger one with chemical drain cleaners or drain snakes.


    Schedule an appointment or contact our office at (979) 446-0296 to have your drains cleaned and cared for correctly! Find the best contractor for the job with our previous blog here.

    August 26, 2022

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