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The Cost of Not Prepping your HVAC System

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    The Cost of Not Prepping your HVAC System

    Save yourself money, inspect issues now!

    By Hannah Brennan


    Homeowners should be aware of risks with old HVAC systems during the summer. Older units may not be as efficient at cooling as newer models. This means they could struggle to maintain temperatures and may result in increased energy costs.


    In addition, aged HVAC systems are more likely to malfunction or break down altogether during periods of heavy use. These breakdowns can lead to costly repairs or replacements as well as significant downtime for occupants. Moreover, older air conditioning units may malfunction and release harmful chemicals into the air supply if not properly maintained, creating potentially dangerous health hazards for those living or working within a building. Therefore, it is crucial homeowners schedule routine maintenance checks and consider upgrading their HVAC system if necessary to ensure maximum safety and comfort during summer months.


    Hear a humming noise?

    One common issue experienced by homeowners and building occupants is a humming noise coming from their AC units. In most cases, this indicates that there is a problem with the motor or the fan blades. A dirty filter can also be behind this noise because it strains the unit’s components, leading to vibration and humming. Regular cleaning and maintenance by a professional HVAC technician can prevent such issues.

    The age of the air conditioning system could also contribute to loud noises emanating from it as parts become worn out over time. It’s recommended to call in an expert technician who can identify the specific cause of the humming noise and carry out appropriate repairs or replacements on all affected parts for optimal performance. Ignoring unusual sounds from your AC unit could lead to more severe problems in the future. These sounds require immediate attention by a trained professional.


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    June 28, 2023

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