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ANNOUNCEMENT: MSC Mechanical and Cardone Ventures Partner

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    MSC Mechanical and Cardone Ventures Partnered

    The two companies strive to improve the home service experience for all homeowners in Texas.


    By Hannah Brennan


    College Station, Texas – MSC Mechanical is making a huge announcement. We’ve partnered with Cardone Ventures, co-founded by Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson. The goal of this partnership is to gain insight on how to grow in opportunities to better fulfill our mission and vision statements.


    Our ultimate aim is to improve the lives of our customers and provide state of the art home services. With the help of Cardone Ventures, MSC Mechanical will be able to provide more services at a higher quality. Both Cardone Ventures and MSC Mechanical have the interest of the communities being served first and foremost.


    Press release from Cardone Ventures



    Read more about the new collaboration here.




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    May 11, 2023

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