Plumbing Tips for Summer

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    Plumbing Tips for Summer

    The summer heat can hurt your pipes too.


    By Hannah Brennan

    As the summer months arrive, homeowners should take precautionary measures to ensure their plumbing system remains in premiere condition. Here are things regarding your plumbing to keep in mind for the summer.

    Leak detection

    Summer is a critical time of the year to implement leak detection processes. Leaks can stem from multiple sources such as faulty pipes, damaged appliances, and overuse of irrigation systems. High temperatures and increased usage during summer months may exacerbate these existing issues making them more difficult to ignore. Professional summer leak detection services can help identify the root causes of leaks in your plumbing system which not only saves cost but also prevent hazardous damage to your property.

    Proactivity, timely detection, and repair will ensure you avoid water wastage, mitigate environmental harm by reducing your carbon footprint, lower utility bills and enjoy your summer while maintaining the value of your property. Experts recommend being proactive in checking for leaks and paying close attention to water bills as it can signal hidden leaks that need quick action.

    Garbage disposal

    Waste from discarded food and packaging can quickly pile up in the kitchen. The key to keeping a summer kitchen garbage disposal under control is to plan ahead. Start by designating separate bins for recycling, compost, and trash. Ensure that all guests are aware of where their waste should be deposited. When it comes to disposing of food scraps, consider investing in a composting system or utilizing local services that collect organic matter for municipal composting programs.

    For non-compostable items such as plastic wrap and disposable plates, an efficient and environmentally friendly option is using biodegradable or renewable materials. By taking these steps, you can minimize your environmental impact while enjoying the summertime.

    Sump pump

    A summer sump pump is a vital device for many homeowners living in areas where heavy rains and flooding are common during the summer months like Texas. A sump pump is typically installed in a basement or crawl space and works by pumping water that accumulates from heavy rainfall or groundwater seepage out of the house, preventing damage to floors, walls, and valuable possessions.

    During summer, when precipitation levels are high, moisture buildup can wreak havoc on houses without proper drainage systems in place. Installing a reliable sump pump will help homeowners avoid costly water damage repairs and safeguard their properties against natural disasters like floods. It’s essential to ensure that the sump pump system is well-maintained through regular inspections and cleaning to ensure its optimal performance during critical times.


    During the summer months, it is common for plumbing pipes in homes and businesses to produce condensation due to fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. This excess moisture can lead to mold growth and water damage if left unchecked. To prevent this, we recommend you inspect your plumbing systems regularly during the summer season. You should also ensure that pipes are properly insulated to reduce temperature fluctuations and mitigate any potential for condensation buildup.


    Outdoor activities during the summer and heavier usage of sprinkler systems leads to more dirt and debris in your pipes. Homes near lakes or oceans are typically more affected since sand and sediment can find their way into your system. To mitigate the risk of clogs, regularly clean out any drains that may already be experiencing issues. If problems persist or become unmanageable, it may be best to call in professional help before things get worse.

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    June 8, 2023

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