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    CIPP: Trenchless Repipe

    Save Your Pipes With CIPP


    By Hannah Brennan


    What is CIPP?

    Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), AKA trenchless repipe, rehabilitates underground infrastructure, proven to cost 20 to 40 percent less than alternative methods such as open trench replacement. This trenchless method of renewing host pipes prevents pipeline breaks, which can be costly. It also minimizes repairs and maintenance needed in the future. 

    CIPP Trenchless Repipe diagram

    Why CIPP?

    CIPP is one of the most trusted and valuable methods of pipe repair, which inverts liner with water or air to cure it along a host pipe. The CIPP pipe begins as liquid resin and then sets within the existing pipe. The goal of trenchless repipe is to repair pipes with little to no disruption to the surrounding area. Malek Service Company can use this technique to repair all sizes of pipes, which makes it a great choice for both commercial and residential systems. Even breaks or cracks can be resolved by trenchless repipe. 


    One of the biggest benefits of CIPP pipe rehabilitation is the jointless feature. This eliminates one of the most common failure points in piping, the areas where pipes connect. Being jointless allows the new pipe to run seamlessly up to 300 feet and increases flow of drainage. 


    Reduces Intrusion

    A CIPP liner is a jointless pipe within a pipe lining system installed from manhole to manhole, preventing the common problem of root disruption at piping connections. This liner generally provides increased flow and adds 50+ years of life to you underground infrastructure.


    Structural Integrity

    Despite its thickness, CIPP is stronger than typical piping materials used for sewer drainage. The liner can have sufficient strength when cured to sustain the loads imposed by external ground water, internal service pressure, as well as soil and traffic acting on pipe.


    Installation Flexibility

    Malek Service Company provides a variety of options in the method of installation and the cure process. CIPP has the ability to be installed using only one point of entry. These entry points can consist of a manhole, cleanout, drain basin, or exposed piping. Because there are multiple options available, we can offer the least intrusive solution available for your pipeline.



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    December 22, 2022

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