Why Do I Need HVAC Tune-ups? | Importance Of HVAC Maintenance

Why Do I Need HVAC Tune-ups?

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    Why Do I Need HVAC Tune-ups?

    Reasons You Need Regular HVAC Maintenance


    By Hannah Brennan


    Just like cars, HVAC systems need regular maintenance to extend their lifetimes. The changing seasons have differing effects on your AC and furnace and, in turn, require consistent care to avoid damage. To have peace of mind your HVAC unit won’t suddenly quit on you, biannual tune-ups are a necessity.


    What happens during an HVAC tune-up?


    The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency compiled a check-list for typical HVAC maintenance. 



    Your HVAC technician will inspect the system to begin, looking for signs of depreciation on the equipment. When inspecting your AC, the technician will focus on the drain pan, refrigerant levels, and the motor. Meanwhile for the furnace, he will examine the compressor, motor and other components like the heat exchanger (ventilator of carbon monoxide). This gives your technician an idea of how your systems are performing or if they need any repairs. 


    If you have specific concerns, ask your technician to take a look during your preventative maintenance. For example, many residences have faulty ductwork that could be costing hundreds of dollars of escaping air. If a technician notices an issue with your ductwork, he can then propose solutions.



    Apart from replacing the air conditioner’s air filters, your actual system needs to be cleaned consistently. This helps prevent the possibility of fire hazards from the motor, exchangers, and other electrical parts.



    If there are issues found during the inspection stage, your Malek Service technician will notify you of issues in your system. From there, you can decide if you want to make the likely small, affordable repairs with a certified technician right away. We seriously recommend doing these things before they spiral into more serious issues.


    Learn more about Malek Service Company’s HVAC preventative maintenance and tune-ups here.


    Why are tune-ups important for your home systems?


    Sustain System Lifetime & Efficiency

    When air conditioners have regular maintenance, they can stay cooler for much longer. The system’s energy-efficiency is far greater with tune-ups in between the hardest seasons. For ACs, the prime time for maintenance is spring, right before the hottest part of the year. As for furnaces, perform maintenance during fall to keep it working at its best as the weather gets colder.

    If you allow your systems to break down to the point of needing repair, you increase the likelihood of needing a total system replacement sooner. Instead of a typical lifetime of about 10 to 15 years, without regular maintenance you might need a new system in only half that time. 

    Avoid the pricey repairs or replacement costs by maintaining your system well!


    Diagnose the Issue Early

    Of course, nothing stays perfect forever, so repairs will certainly be needed. When a qualified HVAC technician is able to look at your system regularly, they will be able to find any major issues before they turn into something worse. After the diagnosis, the technician can help you avoid further repairs needed. In many instances, if one aspect of an AC breaks, other parts might soon follow in a domino effect. Finding an issue early can prevent others from occurring and, ultimately, save you lots of money.

    A one-time tune-up typically costs around $80, but Malek Service Company’s Total Protection Plan provides two tune-ups on your HVAC unit per year for the low cost of $150.


    Improve Air Quality 

    The air quality of your household relies heavily on your air conditioner and furnace. Their ability to bring clean air in and take out the dirty air is crucial. Your central air conditioner has an air filter that traps pollutants and dust from entering your home. However, when the air filter becomes too dirty, it can’t filter out the pollutants from entering and circulating your home.

    There are different types of filters and, depending on the size, distinct recommended replacement times. On average, most professionals recommend replacing the filter every 90 days or 3 months.


    Sign up for Malek Service Company’s Total Protection Plan to maintain your AC and furnace year-round. Give us a call at (979) 446-0296 to get started today!

    July 12, 2022

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